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Month: January 2018

Composing figures with multiple panels

While there are simple figures like what we discussed in the quantum physics paper, there are also figures consisting of several panels. We use this approach when there needs to be a series of evidence to support a claim. Papers describing complex experimental studies often employ figures that contain multiple panels. Today’s materials science paper is an example of such studies.

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Graphic design for simple figures

Hi! Today’s topic is about quantum physics- how quantum computing can be made easier. I would leave the details about quantum computing to the experts , but let me explain briefly why this paper is remarkable.

The big obstacle of performing quantum computing is that realistically, it has to be considered that the quantum computer has to deal with error, or noise. This paper suggests the possibility of enabling quantum computing with noisy devices.

I’d like to critique Figure 1  from this paper to give some tips and tricks to make this paper even more successful. It’s super easy, so stick with me!

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