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Do figures make difference in your publication?

Here are two papers that both talk about a similar topic: when specific intercellular signals are activated in a specific order, it activates a system that prepares the organism for the next environment. Adaptive prediction of environmental changes by microorganisms is published in Nature in 2009 and is taking the findings from the Predictive Behavior Within Microbial Genetic Networks, published in Science in 2008, as a reference. While the topics they discuss are highly related, the sets of figures are constructed differently, and they leave different impressions on the readers.

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How to make your evidence photo instantly better?

Continued from the previous post, I will continue to focus on the article on materials sciences. Today we are going to focus more with photos. Photo reference is a great way to present ‘live’ data as the evidence of research, and is typically used in papers that involves experiments. Today’s paper also shows live results in their materials sciences research.

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Composing figures with multiple panels

While there are simple figures like what we discussed in the quantum physics paper, there are also figures consisting of several panels. We use this approach when there needs to be a series of evidence to support a claim. Papers describing complex experimental studies often employ figures that contain multiple panels. Today’s materials science paper is an example of such studies.

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Graphic design for simple figures

Hi! Today’s topic is about quantum physics- how quantum computing can be made easier. I would leave the details about quantum computing to the experts , but let me explain briefly why this paper is remarkable.

The big obstacle of performing quantum computing is that realistically, it has to be considered that the quantum computer has to deal with error, or noise. This paper suggests the possibility of enabling quantum computing with noisy devices.

I’d like to critique Figure 1  from this paper to give some tips and tricks to make this paper even more successful. It’s super easy, so stick with me!

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